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Choose a Vacation Package for Manu National Park and you can find detailed information as itinerary, rates and information about Jungle Lodges in the program.

To have the best experience, you should stay at least 4 days and stay in one of the many Amazon Jungle Lodges renowned for their high quality service.

To start an adventure in the jungle you must first reach Cusco and you can combine these tours with tours in Cusco and Machu Picchu and/or outdoor Tours in Cusco. Alternative jungle tours in Tambopata.

Also we have tours and travel packages for the top places in Peru, organized by destination or circuits in Peru and / or the main destinations in Latin America.

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Enjoy the Nature and Biodiversity

All tours include accommodation, meals, river transfers, guided tours, excursions and wildlife encounter.
Daily departures from Cusco or Lima.

Manu Cloud Forest (3 Days / 2 Nights)

Beginning in the historic city of Cuzco, this program offers a range of activities as it takes you through colonial towns and jungle villages and into the incredible biological diversity of the Amazon basin. You can also opt to tailor your experience according to your preferences. For the adventurous, there is the chance to take part in mountain biking or white water rafting activities, while those who prefer to relax might choose to enjoy forest walks and study the life of the forest. Minimum: 4 passengers.
Special rate US $ 685


Manu Natural Culture (4 Days / 3 Nights)

On this natural and cultural program in Manu National Park you will be introduced to a unique world, where local people live as they have always done, in perfect harmony with the natural world that is their home. Manu Biosphere Reserve is one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth, and yet it offers much more than natural attractions. This tropical forest ecosystem is also home to Amazonian indigenous groups who live in voluntary isolation. Minimum: 4 passengers
Special rate US $ 910


Manu Bird Paradise (4 Days / 3 Nights)

Peru is home to more than 1800 bird species, including 45% of the world’s neotropical species, making it the perfect destination for birders. Leaving the city of Cuzco, you will travel through a number of climate zones on the way to the Amazon basin. The southern Peruvian Amazon is home to hundreds of bird species, many of them endemic. Unforgettable experiences include watching Peru’s national bird, the cock-of-the-rock, as it performs its courtship dance, as well as the extraordinary spectacle of hundreds of parrots and macaws gathering at dawn. Minimum: 4 passengers
Special rate US $ 998

Manu Wildlife Center - Tapir and Macaw Clay Licks Project (4 days)

Two fixed departures each week at a special discounted price and almost daily private departures. Activities include a visit to Manu Wildlife Center's Macaw Clay Lick Project, a visit to the world's largest Tapir clay lick, oxbow lakes with Giant Otters and unlimited access to our unique spiral staircase to a large canopy observation platform. Accommodation, full board transportation.
Special rate US $ 1,415


The New Manu Explorer (6 days)

Leave Cusco by private bus and explore the complete transect from the highlands to the jungle lowlands. In the cloud forest we visit the Cock-ofthe- Rock display ground. In the Manu National Park the program features the wildlife along the meandering Manu River and the Salvador oxbow lake and its Giant River Otters. Includes: Overnight at Cock-of-the-Rock-Lodge (1 night), Boca Manu Lodge (1 night), Manu Wildlife tented Camp (2 nights), Manu Wildlife Center (1 night), full board, park entrance fees, an English-speaking guide, bus and boat transportation.
Special rate US $ 2,120


The Bio Trip - from de Andes to the jungle (6 days)

One fixed departure per week from the highlands to the jungle lowlands. Includes a visit to a Cock-of-the-Rock display round. Manu Wildlife Center's Macaw Clay Lick Project. Oxbow lakes with Giant Otters, a colorful diversity of birds and mammals, access to our large canopy platform and much more! One night in the cloud forest (Cock-of the- Rock Lodge), one night in the forested Andean foothills and three nights in the jungle lowlands (Manu Wildlife Center). Bus & boat transportation.
Special rate US $ 2,177


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