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Our websites belong to E-Latin Travel Inc. and declares that acts as an intermediary between passengers and the companies responsible for providing tourist services as air or ground transportation, lodging, meals, or any other services contracted through Viaja Peru.

In this regard Viaja Peru agrees to comply with the above services, with the exceptions specified in the Terms & Conditions and is not responsible for the breach of such entities in the execution of its obligations or unforeseen caused by strikes, weather conditions, arrears, earthquakes, quarantines, as well as materials, personal or moral damages that may occur to the passenger for loss, damage or theft of baggage or accidents, illnesses or deaths.

From all this the passengers must apply directly to the companies responsible for the failed service, for which Viaja Peru will assist to passenger in every respect possible.

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Our system will only require payment of booking services after our Travel Consultants has sent you the confirmation codes and availability for all services required.

The online payments in Viaja Peru and associated websites, are guaranteed and 100% safe and secure, you can choose to pay with PayPal or Viaja Peru payment gateway, certified and safe. Both payment methods with credit cards offer security not exchange confidential information or to disclose your number of credit card, with our staff and meet the highest safety standards in the industry, globally accepted for payment processing online.

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