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Miraflores and San Isidro

Miraflores, San Isidro and Santiago de Surco are residential neighborhoods, districts of Lima, and their inhabitants are a combination of middle and upper-class, which are characterized by their modern buildings, architecture and services, is the most cosmopolitan area, and where are located the major hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, craft centers, banking, business and commercial system.


Lima’s foremost tourist and hotel district is without a doubt Miraflores. This district features spacious modern shopping areas, well-manicured parks and gardens. Miraflores is known for its many flower-filled parks, but is also famous for its beaches, that are part of the “Costa Verde” area, which draw thousands of beach-goers and surfers in summertime. The district also puts on many cultural events at theaters, cinemas and art galleries, and boasts a pre-Inca mud-brick temple called the Huaca Pucllana, one of many archaeological sites still found in Lima. The district teems with cozy cafés, pubs, restaurants and shops, while its freshly remodeled parks and gardens attract thousands of Lima inhabitants every Sunday who congregate to visit art exhibitions, take in open-air concerts and browse through flea markets. Airlines' offices and travel agencies.

Sights and Attractions in Miraflores

Central Park of Miraflores 7 de Junio

(Also called Parque Kennedy) Beautiful park of charming gardens, has a small amphitheater in which diverse cultural artistic shows are presented. Rotondes for the exhibition and sale of crafts and arts. This is the place for a very good weekend art and crafts market at lunchtime, especially on Sundays and place where artists, painters, and folklore groups meet.

Costa Verde

The lower area of cliff, with beaches for surfing, in the summer months (December to March) the beaches are full of bathers. Restaurants and lounge bars beachfront.

Malecón Cisneros

The high area of cliff, amazing views of the ocean and Costa Verde beaches. where are located beautiful parks, as Parque del Amor (Love's Park), natural mirador of the marine bay of Chorrillos. The place for paragliding and hang gliding.


Tourist center, overlooking the Pacific coast, for shopping, culture and entertainment products and services. It has 12 cinemas, a modern theater, restaurants, cafés, a food court, ice cream shops, lounge bars, and clubs, bowling and electronic games, plus over 80 shops with clothing Alpaca, llama, jewelry, outdoors, fashion and crafts. Natural mirador of the marine bay of Chorrillos and beaches of Miraflores.

Craft Centres and Galleries

Located between 52 and 55 blocks of Avenida Du Petit Thouars, many shops with handicrafts from all parts of Peru, coast, Andean and jungle artisans meet here. Clothing alpaca, gold and silver jewelry, carved wood, replicas of pre-Hispanic ceramics, souvenirs.

Huaca Pucllana

Located in General Borgoño street, block 8 (Near Avenida Angamos Oeste, block 4 and Avenida Arequipa, block 45). Visiting hours: Wed. - Mon. 9:00 - 17:00. It represents the power and political domain performed by a priestly group that in their period controlled the valleys of Chancay, Chillón, Rímac and Lurín. A ceremonial center dating from earliest stages of the Lima culture. Huaca with a pyramidal shape, pre-Inca adoration site dedicated to the God Pachacámac. Sometimes, events or musical shows take place there. You can also find a site museum that exhibits pieces found in the excavations. Amazing views of the illuminated ruins at night.

San Isidro

This is Lima’s "garden" district, as it stands out for its green zones and exclusive residential areas. San Isidro also features many of the city’s finest restaurants, hotels and concert halls. Despite the building boom, San Isidro has kept something of the aristocratic atmosphere for which this suburb was known for at the beginning of the century. This can be still felt clearly seen in the area of El Olivar, the centuries-old olive grove that has kept many of its original trees that stud this popular park. In recent years, the district has become a major financial quarter as many banks and businesses left downtown Lima to set up their headquarters in modern office blocks. The district features a pre-Hispanic temple, Huallamarca, where concerts and exhibitions area held occasionally. Many embassies and consulates are located here.

Sights and Attractions in San Isidro

El Olivar

Is a beautiful and tranquil park, declared Historical Monument, that conserves a colonial plantation of olive trees, with an antiquity of more then 450 years. Good place for bird-watchers (garden birds)

Huaca Huallamarca

Located in the intersection of Avenida El Rosario and Avenida Nicolás de Rivera. Visiting hours: Tue. - Sun. 9:00 - 17:00. It is a pyramidal building with a central access ramp to the highest part of the building. Its occupation dates from the end of the Formative period (800 - 100 BC), with a solid consistent occupation after Lima culture (100 - 600 AC) and then sporadically to the Wari and Ichsma. Also called "Pan de Azúcar" (Sweet Bread) - highly restored. Site museum houses pieces found during the excavations of the area. (“huaca” means shrine)

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Map of Miraflores and San Isidro area - Lima City

  • Costa Verde - Miraflores

    Costa Verde - Miraflores

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  • Villena bridge - Miraflores

    Villena bridge - Miraflores

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  • Beaches of Miraflores

    Beaches of Miraflores and Rosa Nautica

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  • San Isidro

    San Isidro

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  • El Olivar - San Isidro

    El Olivar - San Isidro

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  • Huaca Huallamarca - San Isidro

    Huaca Huallamarca - San Isidro

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  • San Isidro

    San Isidro

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