Around Lima City

Around Lima

Near to Lima city are located other excellent choices as the southern beaches for surfers and great fun and relaxation during the summer, protected natural areas recommended for birdwatchers as Refugio de Vida Silvestre Pantanos de Villa (Swamps of Villa Refuge of Wildlife) and Reserva Nacional Lachay (Lachay National Reserve), the port of Callao, Lunahuaná for adventure sports especially white water rafting and kayaking.

Sights and Attractions - South of Lima City

Swamps of Villa Refuge of Wildlife

Unit of conservation of the ecological systems of the marshy area of Chorrillos, intangible area for the protection of diverse species of migratory birds that use this area like point of rest, and also fauna and flora species characteristic of this ecosystem. Recommended for bird-watching ducks, wading and sea birds. Located at 20 Km south of Lima in Chorrillos area.

Mamacona Estate (Lurín)

A traditional manor house, whose owners have been involved in breeding Peruvian Paso horses for years. Twice a week they put on a show in which visitors can see the delights of these unique animals, accompanied by a dinner of regional food and a folkloric show. Visiting Hours: Daytime. Location : Km 25 on the South Pan-American Highway, 20 minutes from Lima, near to Pachacámac Archaeological complex.

Southern Beaches of Lima

Starting at kilometer marker 35 on unfold to reach the Pan-American Highway South, a series of beautiful beaches ungold to reach the city of Cañete, 135 Km / 84 miles from Lima. The sandy or pebbly beaches whit perfect waves for surfing are: El Silencio (Km 41.5), Señoritas (Km 42), Peñascal (Km 51 - San Bartolo), Pico Alto (Km 43), and Punta Rocas (Km 45). Many have been turned into residential beach resorts: Pulpos (Km 41), Santa María and Embajadores (Km 51), and Naplo (Km 51). Others offer many services such as hotels, restaurants, and entertainment centers: Punta Hermosa and Punta Negra (Km 45), San Bartolo (Km 51), and Pucusana (Km 57).

Asia Area:
97.5 Km (61 miles) from Lima, near to the south Pan-American Highway. The jet set Peruvian beaches. The Sur Plaza Boulevard a big commercial area and the best restaurants and discotheques, bars, lounges, shopping malls, cinemas, supermarkets, gyms. Open in summer (December to April). In the zone are several contiguous private beaches and condos as El Golf, Palabritas, Arenas, Playa Blanca, Playa Bonita, Playa del Sol, Cocoa, Las Palmas, Los Cocos, Sarapampa. Some hotels and inns in the area.

Lunahuaná (Cañete)

This is a very fertile land where orchards and vineyards stretch along both sides of the Cañete River. Perfect for adventure sports or open-air activities, including rafting, mountain biking and hiking. It offers a varied cuisine, as well as delicious pisco and regional wines. In its surroundings, the Incahuasi archaeological site can be found, which dates back to the middle of the 15th century. The site has beautiful hanging bridges, temples and towns that can be toured on horseback. Accommodation available. Location: 181 Km south of Lima.

The Nor Yauyos Cochas Landscape Reserve (Reserva Paisajística Nor Yauyos Cochas) - Huancaya

The Nor Yauyos Cochas Landscape Reserve (RPNYC) is located in the high and middle basin of the Cañete River and in the Cochas Pachacayo basin. A dreamlike destination in a natural high Andean setting with numerous waterfalls and formations created by the Cañete River, with areas of great landscape value, the reserve stretches over 221,268.48 hectares (546,765 acres) and a height range of between 2,500 and 5,700 meters (8,202 and 18,700 feet) above sea level. The reserve, created on 1st May 2011, protects one of the most beautiful high Andean landscapes in Peru. The headwaters of the Cañete River form numerous waterfalls and mirror-like lagoons. In addition to unique landscapes, the reserve boasts typical Andean flora and fauna, including Andean foxes, vicuñas, Andean ducks, herons and queñua woods. The reserve is divided into two defined regions: the high basin of the Cañete River and the Pachacayo River basin, where rural communities live in harmony with the local ecosystems. The main tourism area is close to the towns of Vitis, Huancaya and Vilca, in the basin of the Cañete River, where there are hostels and camping areas. The reserve contains lagoons surrounded by totora trees, like Papacocha, and waterfalls like the Bosque de Amor, which provide perfect postcard settings. Huancaya is a quaint town with colonial bridges made of stone and lime, exclusively for pedestrian use. The beautiful staggered waterfalls of Cabracancha are also a traditional highlight. Part of the Inca Trail which runs throughout Peru, passes through the Pachacayo River basin, where tourists can see the Apu Pariacaca mountain, considered a divinity in the pre-Hispanic era.

Sights and Attractions - North of Lima City

You will find the resorts of Santa Rosa (Km 43) and Ancón (Km 44) known for its very calm waters, has been frequented by the people of Lima since the nineteenth century, and today it is a small city almost integrated to metropolitan Lima. It reached its heights as a beach resort in the 50's and 60's. It still maintains elegant buildings and an impressive marina, the Yacht Club.

Lachay National Reserve

Located at 105 Km (65 miles) north of Lima. Conservation unit, on an area of coastal desert, protection of the fauna and flora characteristic of this area. Oasis in the desert, forming an ecosystem feed by the humidity generated by the drizzle (fog) coming from the sea. During September and October all the hills are covered of intense greenery, diminishing during the rest of the year, until being completely dry in the months of summer. Animal species as foxes of the desert, deer, bats, and great quantity of species of birds inhabit this ecosystem; endemic birds to Peru. Tthe best time for its visit is between the months of September and October. Exist places enabled for camping.


Archaeological place, the Sacred City of Caral, much earlier than the Incas and while civilizations like the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Indian, and Chinese, having transformed the history as it is an archaeological site 5000 years old, its origins date back to the Late Archaic Period of the Central Andes and is the oldest centre of civilization in the Americas, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. More information ...

Sights and Attractions - East of Lima City

Zoo Huachipa

Located in Av. Las Torres s/n Ate, Vitarte. Kilometer marker 11 next to the Huachipa Bridge. Visiting hours: Mon. – Sun. 9:00 - 17:30 including holidays except Christmas Eve. It shelters more than 2000 animals belonging to about 300 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish. The Bird Forest with its replicas of Peruvian tropical forests is very impressive as well as the Interactive Farm dedicated to children.

Chosica and Santa Eulalia

Kilometer markers 36-39 (50 minutes by car) in the highlands of Lima. Area with entertainment centers, clubs, and traditional restaurants. The place is ideal for relaxing in its fresh and sunny climate. It is also the entrance to the central Peruvian highlands.

San Pedro de Casta and Marcahuasi

San Pedro de Casta, a pretty little town in the Lima highlands, (3,350 masl) is famous for celebrating the traditional Fiesta del Agua (water festival) on the first Sunday in October, and also for being the startingoff point to visit the archaeological site and natural rock formations at Marcahuasi (4,000 masl), a center for new age mystics who believe it to be a magnetic center. Marcahuasi spreads across 4 Km² of high platteau, featuring colossal rock formations such as the well known Monument to Humanity, a rock with the shape of a human face. The site is ideal for astronomers and those seeking spirituality.

  • Swamps of Villa Refuge of Wildlife

    Swamps of Villa Refuge of Wildlife

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  • Mamacona Estate

    Mamacona Estate

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    Downhill Bike

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    Southern Beaches of Lima

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    Surfing in Lima - Pico Alto

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  • Surfing in Lima

    Surfing in Lima - Pico Alto

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  • Lachay National Reserve

    Lachay National Reserve

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  • Nor Yauyos Cochas - Huancaya

    Nor Yauyos Cochas - Huancaya

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