Amazon Lodges in Iquitos, Peru

Amazon Jungle Lodges in Iquitos

The Amazon lodges are usually located on the shores of hidden rivers, or at the shores of Amazon River, Napo River and Marañón River in front of Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Some lodges are located close to Iquitos City, another in deep jungle at long distance, surrounded by pristine forests richest of flora and fauna.

All Jungle Tours with Amazon Lodges includes accommodation, meals, river transfers, guided tours, excursions and wildlife encounter. Daily departures from Iquitos City and Lima. Arrival in Iquitos has to be before 9 am. and departure after 5 pm. Other schedules has to arrange extra boat with additional cost.

Tourist Services at Amazon Lodges

The Amazon lodges have elaborated an excellent plan of activities for ecotravelers and offer the service of expeditions for wildlife encounter, river transportation, lodging and meals.

If the tour program includes visit to Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and or the protected natural areas the tour operator completing the formalities for entry to this areas.

Some lodges include visit to native communities, canopy walkways, sport fishing, ayahuasca rituals, and specialized tours as medicinal plants, safari photography, sport fishing, or bird-watching with many endemic birds of this area.

Exploring the Jungle in Iquitos: To have the best experience, you should stay at least 4 days and stay in one of the many Amazon Jungle Lodges. The operators of Jungle Lodges will be waiting for you at the airport from your arrival to Iquitos city, and after your visit, they return you directly to the airport, or to Iquitos city.

Iquitos is easily accessible by air, commercial flights leave daily from Lima, Tarapoto or Pucallpa.

It is suggested for the convenience of passengers, for the limitations of the boats; during your travel and accommodation in the lodge arrange in advance a backpack or small suitcase with the absolutely necessary (15 Kg) to stay at the lodge.

  • The luggages or excess baggage will be left in custody in lodge office in Iquitos City, during the your stay at the lodge.

  • Highly recommend for your trip to Iquitos to take the first flights in the morning and return to Lima for the last afternoon flights.


Jungle Tours in Iquitos with Amazon Lodges