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Travel by Bus to Tumbes and Máncora

Tumbes City is located at northwestern coast of Peru, 789 miles (1,270 Km) from Lima and 25.6 Km from Aguas Verdes, border country with Ecuador.

Tumbes city and Northern Beaches are easily accessible by air; commercial flights leave daily from Lima, alternatively flights to Piura and Talara, or bus transportation from Lima and the main cities of north of Peru.

By road through Pan-American Highway from northern cities of Peru or from Guayaquil and Ecuadorian cities.

Regular bus services leave daily from Lima to Tumbes city and Máncora.

For reference, Punta Sal Beach is located 80 Km / 50 miles southwest of the Tumbes city (1 hour and 15 minutes by bus) and only 23 Km north of Máncora (20 minutes by car). Máncora is located 187 Km from the city of Piura, and 98 Km. from Tumbes city. (See: How to get to Tumbes and Mancora)

Many of the beachfront hotels have private transportation from bus station to the hotel (Tumbes or Piura).


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Bus ticket from Lima to Tumbes - Cruzero


21h 30'

$ 65

$ 52

Bus ticket from Tumbes to Lima - Cruzero


21h 00'

$ 65

$ 52

Bus ticket from Lima to Máncora - Cruzero


19h 30'

$ 65

$ 52

Bus ticket from Máncora to Lima - Cruzero


19h 00'

$ 65

$ 52

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Distances from Tumbes City

  • Guayaquil (Ecuador): 171 miles (276 Km) to north

  • Máncora: 61 miles (98 Km) following Pan-American Highway to south

  • Piura: 174 miles (278 Km) following Pan-American Highway to south

  • Lima: 789 miles (1,270 Km) is following the Pan-American Highway to the south.

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